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Janix All Vintage

Explore our early stages of social media.

I'm Not a Fashion Victim
The BLOG was created in 2006 after 2 years experiencing Fashion Design in Milan. 

It was one of the first fashion blogs in Brazil., Because of it, Jane Pilla started cover fashion shows and backstages for Sao Paulo Fashion Week. official website runned by Luminosidade. 


The name was a joke about living in Milan, studying Fashion Design, without becaming a Fashion Victim. 


Janix All Fotolog


Fotolog was one of the early stages of social media in Fashion and like any good fashionista Janix All was part of such movement. Fotolog served as a way to tell stories through images. Janix All Fotolog shows the early history of the makings of the brand and its love for imagery in a fashion sense.

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