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Santa Helena

One of my biggest surprises of the new year, was how cool Rancho Santa Helena is.

We founded it by Airbnb website and luckily, we had a lovely family time there.

Located at Tombo - 3 minutes walk to this sandy beach where is know as surfers top places in Guaruja, SP, Brazil.

Each room has a surprise in its decoration.

People would say that is a little too kitsch, too creepy, but it is definitely impossible to forget. I say it is an eccentric getaway for sure.

Confess that I was a little scary! The ranch was built in the 50's (check the vintage picture above) - but after a while I entered in its mood.

The African masks (I didn't take a picture in respect) hanged on the walls of the foyer and outside in the garden, were our major issue to overcome, specially at night! :-o Phew!

What I liked most - besides the fact that we were absolutely walk distance from the ocean - there were some items of the decoration with these vintage feelings:

- the red chair which brought me to a Madmen episode

- the pair of golden fins + mask that reminds me old tv series from the 70's

After one year that David Bowie's death, I rediscover the entire album OUTSIDER. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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