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Trends S/S 2017


Baby Blue X Red Passion

The most talented designer of this 15th season of Project Runaway created a very cool dress on the second episode. The dress was made with neoprene in these contrasting colors.

Clean and rounded lines brings a cool and freshness look that you can wear right now!


Skyrocketing is this absolutely "be-jealous" Chloe's yellow dress!

Go for the color or for the silhouette, by the way is for Summer!

Yellow ocher is chic, and goes very well with gray

Let the neon-brightness for the new wave millennials or for accessories.

Hard to go wrong, if you use sense and a good mirror!


It is called IKB - International Klein Blue: a deep blue hue first mixed by the French artist Yves Klein during N

If this specific ton is hard to find, try find something in Ultramarine or Electric Blue color.

It will POP your look.


If you prefer let the electric color just for an accessory, like Sunglasses.

FADE some blue away any get some lighter tons if you want it to feel like on the beach, for instance.

Prada goes for a more Milanese chic cheek on the catwalk. Meow!! Light pallets for the clothes, lovely prints with Art-Deco elements & cute pompoms as trims.


Isn't the world already full of bad news already?

Let's allow fashion to blow away all the negativity vibes and bless us with beauty.

Beauty is all about what Sarah Burton did for these last collection of Alexander McQueen.

Long dresses, absolutely wonderful textures.

The hardness and the softness of a young soul in London.

Pure Beauty! Nothing more to say!


The best part of accessorize our plain outfit is going crazy!

Leopards and all kind of wild felines print are on trend, especially with a bright Pop Art element as Collage.t is time to have fun and let animals out of the cage!

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