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Vintage or Brand New?

Which style is yours?

Are you a fashionista who loves very fresh trends or you rather to play a cool "vintage" role?

I have to say that I love fresh brand new stuff, but there's some classics like this vintage little hand bag Chanel (I found strolling in the historical Frederick-MD a couple of weeks ago) that is almost irresistible.💋❣

Qual estilo e' o seu?

Voce e' fashionista que ama super novidades e tendencias ou prefere jogar com "vintage" ?

Eu devo dizer que amo as novidades que ainda nem sairam no mercado, mas existem alguns classicos como esta pequena bolsa Chanel (eu encontrei passeando na historica Frederick em Maryland algumas semanas atras) que e' quase irresistivel.💋❣

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