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Umbrella Print ☔️

When ☂umbrella print ☔️is poetry, we repeat it with some changes for another #summer season! This time on fresh #silk #fashion #supercool 💦#coolisthenewhot 🔥

I have done this print 2 collection ago but the scenario was at night in dark blue.

For this season I decided made it during the day.

They are two friends and they are just gathering around the city. Suddenly, it starts to rain, but one of them is not carrying an umbrella.

Eu desenhei esta estampa ha duas colecoes atras, mas o cenario era a noite em azul escuro.

Para esta estacao eu decidi faze-la durante o dia.

Elas sao duas amigas que estao passeando pela cidade. De repente, comeca a chover, mas apenas uma delas esta carregando uma sombrinha.

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