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I have always been passionate about vintage illustration.

Once, I was looking through the book Pin-up Dreams: The Glamour Art of Rolf Armstrong and I observed how laborious was his artwork.

Rolf Armstrong, painter and illustrator, is considered "Father of Pin-Up Artists" and one of the highest paid commercial artists in America of his time.

Back in the 20's, calendars with his work hung from walls of homes and business throughout the country, which quickly made his name and talent well known.

Many stars posed for his portraits, including Mary Pickford and Greta Garbo.

I wish I had lived in those times.


Sempre fui apaixonada por ilustração vintage.

Uma vez, folheando o livro Pin-up Dreams: The Glamour Art of Rolf Armstrong pude observar o quanto era laborioso o trabalho do artista.

Rolf Armstrong, pintor e ilustrador e' considerado o "Pai da Arte Pin-up" e um dos mais bem pagos artistas comerciais de sua epoca nos Estados Unidos.

Nos anos 20, calendarios com seu trabalho eram pendurados em casas e escritorios por todo o pais (EUA) o que rapidamente fez seu nome e seu talento reconhecidos.

Muitas estrelas posaram para seus retratos, incluindo Mary Pickford e Greta Garbo.

Gostaria de ter vivido naqueles tempos.

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