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Brazilian designer, Jane Pilla, very soon realized a passion for fashion, art and design. At young age she was drawing and creating her own clothes or involved with friends in some artistic, cultural event in her community. 

But it was just after studying Fashion Design in Milan, in 2005, Italy she could really dedicate her life for her dream's work. Back to Brazil she starts to write fashion articles for websites and fashion magazines in Sao Paulo, her native state.


Her background in business, international trade and fashion design studies drove her to work as a Design Manager for a French multinational textile company developing fabrics for the Automaker industry in 2007.


Since 2009, Jane lives in the USA in the great Washington DC area where she runs Janix All LLC sinc.e 2012. 


"Experimentalism and possibilities to develop new concepts - in visual communication, fashion, textiles and jewelry - are the reasons why I am always in a creative environment."

In 2019 Jane and two more colleagues founded an Art Club in their Family Association, in Bethesda, MD,  where they promote artistic workshops. "We meet online (because of pandemic) once a week to share our knowledge and skills with each other. It's a very rich experience where we get along with people from different culture and countries.


Passionated by traveling - specially to exotic places and stunning beaches - Jane is always trotting the globe, looking for new inspirations, techniques and materials.  "After a vaccine, we will be back to participate in our crafts shows, small presencial events and some travels for sure."

Designer profile

Janix All LLC was founded in 2012, but the drive behind it dates from many years before. Since the beginning it was conceptualized as an idea of visual communication imageries focusing in fashion, art and interior design


As a company, we offer textile products for fashion & home decor, accessories and conceptual jewelry.. 

Digital art and fashion consultancy are also among our services. 


Janix All embodies an aesthetical identity that is very authoral, and exclusive. Janix All's design stands out for its originality and uniquiness.














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