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Fashion Cartoons



Some funny illustrations by Janix All about fashion & its crimes 

Good Girls Go To Heaven!


Girl's talk is not easy to understand.


Here is one of these moments, when 3 super glamourous friends start to count how many times they have dumped boyfriends in their lifes!


- Hmmm, good girls go to heaven! Bad girls go everywhere!






Now, Cindy is lying...
Fashion Dilemma

I'm sure that everybody has lived the same situation at least once in life.


That kind-of-nightmare when you can't find anything good enough to wear for a special occasion.


If you have a Janix All piece, for sure you won't be concern about it anymore.


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Bisous, bisous ;-^






When teenagers, my cousin and I were studying English close to the pool.


The story that we were reading started like this: - Now Cindy is lying in the crossroad...her eyes are closed...


We looked at each other puzzled! A mix of incredulity and fear about her fate hitted us.


After decades, I decided to make fun of it and give my GLAM and own version for her  :-"

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