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Janix All LLC is a Maryland based company founded in 2012 to encapsulate the diverse interests of Brazilian designer Jane Pilla, who honed her craft Italian  fashion. Specializing in fabrics, prints, and predominantly handmade, artisanal products, Janix All is a haven for creativity. With a background in metal smithing, the designer infuses her artistic flair into the realm of jewelry. While originally rooted in fashion, Janix All has evolved to focus on home decor prints today. Explore the fusion of craftsmanship and creativity with Janix All, where each piece tells a unique story. Welcome to the world of Janix All - where artistry meets home elegance.

Currently, our website is undergoing maintenance to adapt to the changing world, but you can stay updated on our latest creations by following us on Instagram


13321 Neerwinder Place,

Germantown - MD



+1 (301) 272-7243



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Janix All offers exclusive prints for fashion and home decor, dynamic art classes and specialized fashion consultancy services to elevate your creative ventures.

Exclusive Prints

Unlock your Unique Style: Elevate your Fashion and home decor with our exclusive  prints. Stand out from the crowd with one-of-a-kind Janix All patterns, setting your brand apart and making a statement like no other. Embrace the power of exclusivity

Art & Workshop Classes 

Embark on a creative journey with art workshop and classes, where we offer insights into rich tapestry of art history, delve into the intricacies of air-dry clay techniques and explore the vibrant world of mixed media.


Tailored consultation across various artistic realms offering strategic guidance on curatorial projects, design concepts. Extended to trend analysis and forecasting particularly in the dynamic world of fashion.

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